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2020 In Review

It’s been a tough year, but despite the challenges that the last 12 months have brought our way, we’ve also achieved some incredible goals. Today, we want to shed a little light on the positive side of 2020.

First, we would like to take the opportunity to thank our incredible and hard-working employees. As construction was deemed essential from the pandemic’s outset, our team has continued to remain on the front lines each and every day to ensure the completion of countless vital projects throughout Ontario.

We are so proud of our Fortis team for quickly adapting, and managing to put safety at the forefront of every single job.

Build Strong & Stay Safe

Although this year has been full of unprecedented challenges and changes, we are proud to have continued to #buildstrong on over 140 projects. It was through commitment and collaboration with our project partners that this was made possible. In 2021, we are just getting started and look forward to diligently progressing on over 2.3 million square feet throughout Ontario.

Fortis Group is proud to report that across 140 sites in over 20 cities, we have yet to report a COVID-19 positive case. This is a testament to our clients, our subtrades, our partners, and our team for their commitment to safety protocols.

SickKids $50,000 Donation

Christmas may look a little different this year, but here at Fortis Group we wanted to take a difficult situation and focus on how we could do something positive for others.
This year on behalf of our amazing clients, Fortis Group donated $50,000 to SickKids Toronto, benefitting the Christina Ciccolini Bone Marrow Fund.

This donation will go towards helping make the lives of these children better and brighter.
Click the image above to watch the video and hear more from SickKid’s CEO, Dr. Ronni Cohn.

Community Initiatives

Fortis Group is fortunate to have had the opportunity to support multiple charity initiatives in 2020. The call for support was greater than ever this year, and we focused our efforts on what matters most – the community.

Due to COVID-19, we were forced to cancel our second annual Fortis Group Charity Golf Tournament, benefitting the Windsor-Essex Children’s Aid Foundation. Luckily, necessity is the mother of invention, and we were able to dream up a brand new initiative – No Cold Child.

With No Cold Child, and support from our industry partners, we raised over $45,000 to ensure that over 300 children did not go without any essential winter items this year. From backpacks for schools, to Canada’s first community pantry, to toy drives, to individual donations, we feel truly blessed that we were able to offer our support in what has been a challenging year for so many people.

Thank you!

As we enter a new year a little differently than usual, we would like to thank you for your continued support, dedication, and commitment to Fortis Group.

2020 has thrown obstacle after obstacle our way, but despite it all, we’ve been able to persevere. It is because of you, our employees, our clients, our sub-trades, our partners, our friends, and our families that we can continue to #BUILDSTRONG and look forward to a new year filled with new hope and possibilities.

With projects ongoing throughout Ontario, our Fortis team strives to excel and grow with our clients and their construction needs.

On behalf of everyone here at Fortis Group, this year, more than ever, we would like to thank you for your continued support and look forward to spending 2021 with you!